Some Artists To Check Out If You Haven't Already!

Love Battery
This Seattle sub pop band where around when the whole grunge thing kicked off however I don't think they where in the lime light as much as some other bands. So I thought I would mention a couple of their albums for you to check out. 'Dayglo' (1992) and 'Far Gone' (1993) are my choices and their most popular albums in my opinion. Dayglo is said the be the better of the 2 however I just love the song Half Past You from the album Far Gone. If you like an alternative sound but instead of a more punk edge which Nirvana had, Love battery where inspired by a psychedelic rock sound. Both awesome!

I fell in love with the sound that came from 924 Gilman Street scene in the East Bay California back in the 80s/early 90s. Crimpshrine are one of those bands with a crunchy low fi sound with a love for DIY culture which was the principle Gilman was made on. I bought their EP 'Sleep, whats that? ' (1988) which is noisy and sounds great on vinyl! However as a recommendation I would say their studio album 'Lame Gig Contest' (1989) is one you should check out. It was released on Lookout Records and has way more songs on for you to check out!

Bitch Alert - 'rriot'
I first heard of bitch alert about 4/5 years ago when I was searching the net for some new music. I found bitch alert really exciting and just what I was looking for seen as my obsession with female bands and riot grrrl was growing. Bitch Alert have loud, distorted, catchy riffs and scratchy vocals. I think Heinie (lead singer and guitarist) has one of the best female voices I have ever heard! The band are from Finland and have now unfortunately broke up as far as I know but you can check them out on YouTube  Myspace, Lastfm or better yet buy their album. The album I suggest you defiantly check out is 'rriot' released in the UK in 2004. I would say it has the majority of their best songs on plus I think it gives you a pretty good idea of the band as a whole. However I do think my second suggestion to you would be their album I Can Feel Your Bones (2006). 

Wow, when I heard their sound I absolutely wanted more! They are kind of like a morbid melody I am drawn to. Its dark, heavy, sexy, thrashy and distorted with a sludgy sound. I do not know if they are still together all i know is their last CD was released in 2009. The band are made up of 4 kick ass girls from Washington DC and i think they are well worth looking up!

I may do another one of these in the near future featuring some more artists I like and would love to share.

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