Music Recommend: Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See

Recently Mazzy Star has been my go to choice when ive been getting home after a full days work. I light my candles and incense and just chill out with this album on which was released back in 1993.

This album is drowsy, dreamy and comforting and perfect for setting an ambiance.

Most Loved Tracks:

Fade Into You
Mary of Silence


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The Sky Was All Violet

 Courtney Love 13th May.

 Shes been a huge influence in my life and I would not be as strong and proud to be a women if it wasn't for her and her music. 

I was memorized by her and she sounded amazing. The highlight of the evening was when i handed her my miss world sash and she looked at it and smiled then wore it in her hair. I got it back and its now in my room <3 i="">

Check out the set she played here.