Dr Stuarts Tranquility Tea

 'It’s a mellow blend of lime and passion flowers, Valerian root, hops and fennel' -Dr Stuart

 I bought this tea today in my local well being shop. I am growing more and more fond of herbal teas and holistic remedies so I chose this tea to help me relax as I have had trouble relaxing and sleeping the past few days. I do have a few teas that cater for this sort of thing but I wanted to try something new as the others I had were not cutting it. This tea tastes a lot like St Johns Wort which is a good tea for picking up your mood. If you have not tried St Johns Wort it tastes a bit like a weak green tea and a bit grassy and this one tastes the same. I had a cup of this when I was at work and felt a bit tense, it did relax me right to the point were I felt my muscles loosen and my slightly anxious thoughts drift away. Now this could be a placebo effect but who cares as long as it works for me, I am not fussed. The great thing about this tea is that I wanted another cup. However the only thing about this tea is that if you are one of those people who feel a bit sickly after drinking to much green tea, this tea could possibly make you feel the same way after one to many cups. But all in all its great to have once or twice a day to chill you out and I would recommend it greatly. The tea is by a brand called Mr Stuart and they do a great wide range of teas you can check out here.

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