Women Like it Too!


I have personally noticed that some women are afraid to say what they enjoy when it comes to sex. This can be because some women feel that it is not ladylike to say they like to suck dick or to be dominate and on top for example. This can be for many reasons some may be because they feel that this may not be attractive to their sexual partner and they have to be submissive or they feel pleasing the male shouldn't be enjoyed as we are told by things such as the media that this is a chauvinistic sexual act.
This is obviously not true and we should all be open with are partners male or female and express what we enjoy and what we don't when it comes to sex. This will make your sex life much more enjoyable for yourself and your sexual partner. We all have different desires and fantasies and should not be ashamed of them no matter what some one may tell you. As long as you enjoy your chosen sexual acts and are not forced into anything you don't want then ITS ALL OKAY! =D I understand this observation doesn't speak for everyone however for those who think it does then be proud of your sexuality and your desires and never be afraid to enjoy them.
Collage made by Dirty Grrrl

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