The Great Wall of Vagina

“For many women their genital appearance is a source of anxiety and I was in a unique position to do something about that."  - Jamie Mcartney -

The Great Wall of Vagina is an inspiring piece of art made by Jamie Mcartney featuring 400 different casts of vulvas.  I have been in love with the piece for many years and hope you are too! The casts show a variety of vulva's ranging from the ages 18 - 76 and includes twins, mothers, daughters, transgendered men and women, pre natal and post natal and pre and post labiaplasty. This shows a wide variety of vulva's and singles no one out. Mcartney has presented the public with a honest representation of female genitalia which can be misrepresented and distorted in the media. He helps to try and educate women and men about the wide variety in which genitalia can come and that it is all perfectly normal. To me this is a wonderful message that needs to be echoed . I am a strong believer in educating men and women about their genitalia and believe we should not be told there is a  'perfect vagina' and hope to dissolve the desires to want cosmetic labial surgeries. Platforms such as magazines, mainstream porn, films and beauty adverts can sometimes distort our perception of our appearance hence the need to want to enhance ourselves. This needs to end as many women are constantly concerned and worried about not 'looking right' when in actual fact they do and are all beautiful - it is not fair some women don't know that! 

Just one of the 10 panels displaying different vulva's.  
Mcartney creates his work in his studio in Brighton UK where he offers a body casting service while also working on his fine art projects. If your ever in town you should defiantly have a look. There are also modelling and possible job opportunity's on the website:

Taken from my visit to Brighton.
This subject is something I am very passionate about and Mcartney is a massive inspiration to me. I am currently in the process of creating my next zine which is dedicated to the vulva. It will inform you of all the basic information about the vulva, include art from myself to do with the vulva and It will oose vulva love and most importantly SELF LOVE! <3 Keep your eyes out it will soon be ready to buy in my shop!

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