One of the most dominate things on the internet is sex. The cyber sex industry has taken over the internet and now the public can access this at anytime to fit their needs and desires. Web cameras at home have become very popular as well as virtual chat rooms which supports the production and distribution of pornography, which can be directed to a specialized audience. Those encounters promote and rely on forms of voyeurism. The digital realm will stimulate it audience's sexual imagination in a 'futuristic way' by creating a platform were they can conduct experiments within a virtual reality with sexual penetration and without real life bodies. My piece is a installation which reconstructs a typical cyber sex encounter via virtual chat rooms. This was projected on to a wall in a gallery space at the University of Wales, Newport The audience that walked around the gallery space instantly became a voyeur and were possibly put in a situation where they felt uncomfortable or possibly enjoyed the experience. The aim of the piece was to confront the audience and show how powerful the internet has become were we now can have live sexual experiences when and were ever we want and have it fit our sexual needs no matter how unique they may be.

Thanks to Sam Boaler for helping with the video.


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